25 December, 2008

It's better without the music

Never thought I would say this, but an early morning jog is a hell lot better without any music in my ears. Just helps me get closer to nature.

17 December, 2008

Random thought

A young man can walk at 120 steps/minute
The same man when he becomes old might walk at 80 steps/minute

Why and when does the speed change. The general answer to this is that he slows down as he ages. True.

But, if I can walk at 120 steps/min today, I can surely walk at the same speed tomorrow. And if I can walk at that speed tomorrow then I can surely walk at that speed the day after and so on day after day for years.

So when do we actually slow down?

11 December, 2008


"Terrorits are cowards. They harm innocent people. We will fight against terror." These are the statements patented by politicians the world over. And they say it with such authority that they expect an applause for these statements.

Bloody bullshit. These statements had value in the early ages of terrorism when we had some hope from politicians. But no more. By no means are terrorists cowards. They are the biggest dare-devils who have the guts exceeding the heights of supremacy. They have the guts to roam around with high-end gadgets and arms - ammunitions. They have the guts to roam around without any protection. They know that they are not going to win in the end and that they would either die or be caught. They have the guts to die for their cause. (And, we cannot judge whether their cause is right or wrong. What is right for us is wrong for them and vice-versa.) And politicians call them cowards? Ha! Its the politicians who are cowards who buckle under the forces of terror and allow terrorism to survive. Terrorists just make us realise what a hopeless world we live in.

01 December, 2008


After much delay, I finally bought a guitar.