15 March, 2008

Aapro Amdavad vs. Aamchi Mumbai

I was in Ahmedabad for some 3 days this week. And, this is what I could come up with...

Amdavad: In most of the areas, Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Mumbai: Most of the areas are full of atheists in this regard

Amdavad: Poor man's staple diet - gaathia aane paapdi
Rich man's staple diet - Dhoklo, gaathia aane paapdi
Mumbai: Poor man's staple diet - vada-pav
Rich man's staple diet - Jumbo vada-pav

Amdavad: SRK promotes Airtel in Gujarati. He doesn't understand English
Mumbai: SRK promotes Airtel in English. He doesn't understand Marathi

Amdavad: Towels are used only for drying yourself after a bath
Mumbai: Towels are used to wipe out sweat (even a napkin is not enough). There is no point having a bath, the humidity will show its effects soon after

Amdavad: No traffic signals, no traffic sense. Your vehicle is your own property. Others' vehicles are your own property too
Mumbai: Those who believe Mumbai has no traffic sense should visit Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Mumbai has international standards of traffic sense as compared to these two cities

Amdavad: In spite of having no traffic sense, the traffic in most areas is 'medium' (as announced by an RJ on an Ahmedabadi FM radio station). It means, you will be stuck in the jam for a maximum of 2 minutes
Mumbai: In spite of having traffic sense, when the RJ says the traffic is medium, it means you are bound to be stuck for a minimum of 20 minutes

Amdavad: Roads are dug up for the repairing of roads
Mumbai: Roads are dug up for the repairing of everything except the roads

Amdavad: I like Ahmedabad
Mumbai: I love Mumbai