13 October, 2008

Adi's 'Socha Hai' thoughts: Part I

Another example of how much the movie Rock On!! has affected me - in a good way i.e.
Here I start with my own 'Socha Hai' thoughts:

  1. Why are railway tracks surrounded by stones?
  2. Chicken eats poultry food and gets energy. Humans eat chicken and get energy. Why don't humans eat poultry food and get double the energy?
  3. Humans cannot differentiate between two lions or tigers or ants or elephants etc. and feel that they all look very similar if not the same. Do animals feel the same about humans?
  4. Have you ever thought how you got your surname? Except for a few such as the Merchants and the Johars which originated from their professions or those like the Pathans which originated from the cast or sect of a particular religion, what could be the origin of the surnames such as the Kasturays, the Kamaths, the Khans, the Ahujas and the Sharmas?
  5. Why is our shit of the same colour everyday no matter what coloured food we eat?

Socha hai...yeh tumne kya kabhi?
Socha hai...ke hai yeh kya sabhi?
Socha hai...socha nahi toh socho abhi!