22 September, 2008


I go completely gadget-less when I am off for a swim. I keep them at home due to security reasons. Not that I carry tons of gadgets every time. Just my mobile phone and a watch. But I use them a lot with my mobile phone always on with some music whenever I am outside.

It, however, feels great to be gadget-less for a couple of hours in a day. You can actually hear the world around you rather than the usual music. Never had I thought that the honking horns, the khrrr-khrrr of the auto-rickshaws, the dhad-dhad of the trains, the voice of the birds (well, you can only hear the crows in Mumbai these days, but still...), and the hawkers shouting at the top of their voices and also the sound of the blowing wind could sound so nice! Its just a welcome change, I guess. But yea, nothing can replace music!

But, the point here is that one can go gadget-less for some time if one is forced to and then one does become used this gadget-less-ness. So much, that after coming back home I forget to check whether I had any calls or messages during the time of my gadget-less-ness.

The gadget-less-ness is not as bad as I had thought it would be when I was first told that I can't take them with me while I am on my way for a swim.

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