11 December, 2008


"Terrorits are cowards. They harm innocent people. We will fight against terror." These are the statements patented by politicians the world over. And they say it with such authority that they expect an applause for these statements.

Bloody bullshit. These statements had value in the early ages of terrorism when we had some hope from politicians. But no more. By no means are terrorists cowards. They are the biggest dare-devils who have the guts exceeding the heights of supremacy. They have the guts to roam around with high-end gadgets and arms - ammunitions. They have the guts to roam around without any protection. They know that they are not going to win in the end and that they would either die or be caught. They have the guts to die for their cause. (And, we cannot judge whether their cause is right or wrong. What is right for us is wrong for them and vice-versa.) And politicians call them cowards? Ha! Its the politicians who are cowards who buckle under the forces of terror and allow terrorism to survive. Terrorists just make us realise what a hopeless world we live in.

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Sudeep said...

I think we had discussed this issue sometime.

It is a popular human bias. If we don't like a conclusion, we will be quick to be convinced against it. That's why it is easy to sway a crowd by saying, "Hitler believed in free speech!" and convince the crowd that free speech is a bad idea. (No, Hitler didn't believe in free speech at all, this is just an example) Hitler also may have believed that the sky is blue, but that does not mean I should not believe it. "Did Hitler commit murders because he believed the sky is blue?", "Would I be induced towards committing murders because I believe the sky is blue?" are questions one would not ask oneself.

Similarly, if "coward" is a bad thing, then shout at the top of your voice that the terrorists were cowards. If anyone among your listeners turns around and says, "But hey are you sure of that?", then he is supporting the terrorists. He is a traitor, for a loyal person must support any argument favouring your side no matter how unreasonable.

Yes, the terrorists were not cowards by any standards. They were misguided people who did cruel things. If the same people were brought up in anything other than the religious fundamentalist way, they would even have made good friends of me and you. But for what they did, I despise them.