22 October, 2015

On Loop!

There are a few songs we can listen to on loop. Currently, I have three - two are usual suspects and one which did not get the kind of respect it deserved. Below are in alphabetical order - something I prefer when I do not prefer to give something preference :)

1. Eagles - Hotel California: Needn't really talk much about it. Everyone knows why!

2. Indian Ocean - Kandisa: I am a music lover. I am not a student of music. But this song and Hotel California are quite similar. Amazing music, great guitar section - right in the middle of the song for this one as against in the beginning in Hotel California. Just close your eyes, relax and get immersed in the magic of Kandisa!

3. Rockstar - Phir Se Ud Chala: This certainly did not receive the kind of appreciation it should have. It's uniqueness lies in the fact that other than the title line, none of the other lines/stanzas are repeated. It does not have the standard "mukhda" or "antara" which kind of leaves you (me atleast) high and dry since you do not expect the song to end where it ends. This makes me listen to it again... and again... and again. There is no build up to the song - it begins on a high and ends on a high! One of AR Rahman's best.

Special mention: Dil Se's title track. Another AR classic.

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Sudeep said...

Among my favorites. All three of these. :)